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The Nursing Home Inspector TM Detail Report displays all the elements found in the Snapshot Report plus more extensive statistics and descriptions including accounts of each deficiency sited and a history of deficiencies reported.

As in the Snapshot Report , each facility's address and stats about Beds, Occupancy, Medicare/Medicaid Acceptance, Councils and Ownership are displayed.

Each deficiency reported is assigned a Scope and Level of Harm rating Delta nursing home rating by the inspectors.

These ratings are then assigned a progressive Deficiency Rating by us. In this manner the deficiency scores, or point values, assigned may be compared to each other or combined to directly compare deficiencies by; Category, Total Facility Score, Average Scores by Region and Total Score History.

Delta nursing home rating is compared graphically to County, State and USA averages. Graphic history of the Total Deficiency Ratings for this facility is also displayed for trend indication.

A chart is displayed with total deficiency scores broken down by Category and Inspection Date. A pop-up detail is available showing all deficiencies reported for each Category for the past 3 inspections and for each inspection individually.

A detailed account is provided for each deficiency cited during the past three inspections. Each detail provides the Date Cited, Category, Scope , Level of Harm , Deficiency Rating and a text description of the deficiency.

Complaints that are substantiated by the state survey agency are investigated by inspectors. All complaints resulting in a deficiency are reported and included in this section by date.

This area shows the average number of staff hours worked each day by RNs, LPNs/LVNs and CNAs divided by the number of residents. This is a good measure of the trained medical staff available, on average, for comparison purposes.

It also compares this facility with the County, State and National Average.

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