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Senior Citizen Services For Marion County Florida
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Many federal, state and local laws and regulations of Florida affect senior citizens' lives by concentrating on Senior citizen services for marion county Florida . Some depend on the government for such things as housing, basic income and health care. It can be confusing dealing with government agencies. Sometimes help is needed with the "red tape" so that benefits are not lost.

This pamphlet tells you about some of your legal rights and Senior citizen services for marion county Florida . It also explains how you can protect those rights. It cannot replace the advice of a lawyer, but it will tell you about some areas of your life that may need the advice of a lawyer.

City, county, state and federal governments have programs that give benefits to their citizens. You may be entitled to receive benefits under some of these programs for Senior citizen services for marion county Florida . The law gives you a legal right that a court can enforce, to receive the benefits.

Many benefit programs are based on laws and rules that are hard to understand. You may need an elder law attorney to help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled. Some legal aid programs may be able to help you get your benefits.

Usually, an application must be filed with an agency to get your benefits. Contact an elder law attorney before applying to find out what information is needed to determine if you are eligible for benefits. In most cases, the determining agency must decide within a certain number of days whether you are eligible for benefits.

If you think the agency's decision is wrong, ask for the reasons in writing and request an appeal. The law requires most agencies to let you appeal decisions you think are wrong. You may wish to talk to a lawyer to see if you need legal help with your appeal. If you want to appeal, it is very important to act quickly. Agencies place time limits on the days you have to ask for an appeal. If you do not agree with the appeal decision, in most cases you may then go to court. Again, there are limits on the days you have to go into court. If you think you want to go to court, it is very important to speak with a lawyer.

Please note that eligibility requirements for the following benefit programs can change as new laws are passed.

Social Security Administration is the nation's method of providing continuing income when a worker's earnings are reduced or eliminated due to retirement, disability, or death. If you are eligible for Social Security, you can receive a monthly check. The amount of the check is based on the amount the worker paid into the Social Security Fund.

Local Social Security Administration offices can give full details on how earnings affect Social Security payments in specific cases. They provide free brochures about Retirement, Disability (SSI) and Survivors.

SSI is a Senior citizen services for marion county Florida programto make sure that all disabled persons and persons over 65 years receive at least a small amount of income, SSI is different from Social Security because SSI is not based on a worker's earnings but both SSI and social security aims at Senior citizen services for marion county Florida . People who receive SSI get a monthly check for an amount set by law. For more information on SSI, contact your local Social Security Administration office.

There are a variety of other benefits -- federal, state and local -- which may be available to you. Sometimes they are improperly denied, but most often people are simply not aware of the programs available to them. The best place to find out what is available is the district office nearest you of the Florida Department of Children and Families or your local area agency on aging.

For information on veterans' benefits, contact the nearest Veterans Administration office or County Veterans Officer.

For information on Social Security, SSI and Medicare, contact your local Social Security office or The United States Government Social Security Office, Tallahassee , Florida 32304 .

For information on federal income tax benefits for older Americans, contact the local office of the Internal Revenue Service for their special publication about these benefits.

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