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Oasis Senior Center Newport Beach

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Dedicated to providing the best care and services for senior citizens and their families, Oasis Senior Center , Newport Beach, offers many kinds of activities, including educational and cultural classes and dancing, as well as fitness and social groups.

The Oasis Center is operated by the City of Newport Beach itself, with a group of hard-working professionals who are in charge of making sure that everyone gets the best kind of service; the senior center also has a great number of volunteers, who keep the place running, with more than 25,000 hours of voluntary work each year.

The Oasis Senior Center is dedicated to offering as many hours worth of classes as it can fit into the day; and with such a large building available, there are always plenty of different classes running.

Whether you would like to learn French, discuss books or foreign policy; study art or wood carving; learn computer skills; dance; exercise, or even play a game of chess or Mah Jongg, there's always a variety of things to do.

If you want to explore the great outdoors, there is even sailing and gardening groups. Whatever you like to do, the Oasis Senior Center Newport Beach can cater for it.

Of course, the Oasis Center also provides space within its walls for care and support groups, dedicated to bringing you the best advice.

The services offer support and other resources for people suffering from Parkinson's, as well as for their families and caregivers.

There is a special eye-screening service for those who are adapting to gradual loss of vision, and need greater magnification than glasses can provide. The Center also maintains a Tax-Aide program, with the co-operation of the IRS.

The Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach is a place for senior citizens and their carers to find help and support that they need within the Newport Beach area itself.

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