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Catholic Senior Citizen Housing In Los Angeles
Elderly Care
A catholic charities office provides many needs for Catholic senior citizen housing in Los Angeles , among them Guadalupe and Santa Maria are working with hope to give out the best services for senior citizens.

They are working towards to provide better placement in for caring senior citizens and children's and many more.

Catholic senior citizen housing in Los Angeles Catholic Charities' offices in Guadalupe and Santa Maria were two of the first agencies to respond in the aftermath of torrential rains that hit the Santa Maria Valley last winter by dispensing emergency food, clothing and Catholic senior citizen housing in Los Angeles.

The City of Guadalupe issued a commendation to Catholic Charities for their work.

The City of Lompoc , Electric Division collaborated with the Catholic Charities' Lompoc Service Center to administer its low-income utility assistance program to 962 households.

Ventura County Community Centers and food pantries annually provide food, clothing and guidance to 24,000 poor and working poor in Ventura County . Catholic senior citizen housing in Los Angeles Caseworkers assist families to avoid eviction and find affordable housing.

500 frail and elderly citizens receive services from Older Adult Services and Intervention System (OASIS). The program helps seniors remain in their homes, and priority is given to persons who are isolated, physically and/or mentally limited, living in poverty and those without family.

Ventura County Region Handicapables Program recently celebrated its 27th anniversary with 120 people with disabilities from all parts of Ventura County attending a special Mass and luncheon to mark the occasion at San Buenaventura Mission at the Catholic senior citizen housing in Los Angeles.

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