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IYou will always think of your parents as they were when you were growing up.

One never likes to think of a parent as getting old or being old, but the truth is that it has to happen, and you should be prepared.

If you accept the fact that an aging parent does not have to be a scary thought and that you will take it one step at a time, you will be ok.

There are certain things that can happen when your parents age that you will probably not want to think about.

The first thing is illnesses and disease. We all hope that an aging parent does not become ill soon and especially not with some horrible disease like cancer or Alzheimer's, but it does happen.

You should be aware and watch out for any warning sign so that you can take action before it is too late.

Remember that your parents will probably be scared of aging too, and they will try to convince themselves that they are perfectly healthy, when in fact they may not be

. One of the most important things to do is send them to a doctor for regular checkups. Make sure that blood tests are taken for cancers and that a full examination is conducted to catch early signs of other dormant illnesses.

Keep looking for signs that something could be wrong. When you visit your aging parent , see that they are dressing well and keeping up with hygiene routines.

If they are not, it could be s sign of dementia, depression or physical impairments as well as Alzheimer's.

Watch out for hearing difficulties, eyesight problems and movement difficulties. If you are concerned in any way, talk to them about it and tell them you are worried.

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